Cannabis Licence

Secure a Licence in order to cultivate, process,
transfer, or sell cannabis-related products.

Process Overview

Discover the application process and what steps will be taken in order to grant a Cannabis Licence.

Cannabis License

The Cannabis Licensing Authority (CLA), an agency of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture, and Fisheries (MICAF) was established under the Dangerous Drug Amendment Act (DDA), with a specific role to establish and regulate Jamaica’s legal ganja and hemp industry.

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Cannabis Licensing Authority (CLA) Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries (MICAF)

The Authority’s Licensing and Applications Division (LAD) as well as, its Enforcement and Monitoring Division (EMD), work together to ensure that applications are appropriately reviewed, licenses are issued to qualified applicants, and licensees comply with the terms and conditions of their license.

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CLA’s Licensing and Applications Division (LAD) CLA’s Enforcement and Monitoring Division (EMD)

Any person or organization meeting the criteria set by the relevant legislation and regulations can apply for a license for the use, cultivation, processing, transportation, importation, exportation, transit, manufacture, sale, possession, and distribution of Cannabis for medical, therapeutic or scientific purposes (including research, clinical trials, therapy and treatment and the manufacture of nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals).