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Acquire NLA Land

The Estate Management Division of the National Land Agency (NLA), manages lands owned by the Commissioner of Lands. 

Acquire NLA Land overview

Divestment Options

Divestment Options: By way of

Unsolicited Proposals

Land Settlement Schemes

Special Cases

Type of Tenure

Request to Lease

Request to Purchase

Current Use






Identification of Land Parcel

Research and identification of the Land/Parcel

If you wish to purchase or lease crown lands you should first carry out the necessary research and identify the parcel of land in which you are interested. The following information is required prior to completing your


1.Location of property

2.Area/size of land required

3.Proposed use by applicant

Required Documentation

Application Requirements

In order to ensure your application is processed expeditiously please verify that all the information is completed accurately, and the supporting documents/information are submitted along with your request.

An APPLICATION TO ACQUIRE LAND Form must be completed.

Other Supporting Documentation to be submitted along with the Application Form are:

  • Company’s TCC and TRN assignment document from Tax Administration Jamaica
  • Site Plan
  • Business Plan

Supporting Documents

to be prepared and submitted.

A copy of your valid TCC should be submitted. How to get your TCC?…Find out more.

Tax Compliance Certificates

A copy of your valid TCC should be submitted. How to get your TCC?…Find out more.

Pay the relevant Processing Fees…

There is no fee associated with submitting your request to access purchase or lease Crown lands.

Processing Time

  • Lease - Twenty (20) weeks from submission of your application
  • Purchase - Twenty (20) weeks from submission of your application

Submit your Application

You can choose you preferred submission method, either through the online portal or by presenting your filled form in one of NLA’s offices.

Once your application form and any relevant supporting information/documents have been completed, signed, stamped and certified where required; submit your application using the portal (or visiting the NLA offices), along with your relevant fee payment.

Online submission

You will be able to submit your application entirely online by using the new JBG portal.


You will be guided through the process


Get updates on your progress in real-time


Simplifies the collaboration with the NLA

National Land Agency

Estate Management Division

20 North Street
Kingston 5, Jamaica W.I..

Phone +1(876) 750-5263
Monday-Thrusday 8:30 am -5:00pm
Friday 8:30 am -4:00pm

Additional steps required for approval

Once your application is received, the NLA will take the following steps:

Assess your application.
Conduct due to diligence research on the property including:
  • Site Visit
  • Obtain a 'no objection’ letter if the land is being held by the NLA for another GOJ Ministry, Department or Agency (MDA)
  • Obtain comments from regulatory agencies - for example, NEPA, the Municipal Councils, etc.
Conduct a valuation of property.
Conduct a public tender/bidding by advertising the property in the print media and on the NLA’s website.
You will be required to submit a proposal in keeping with the advertisement
Receive and assess the tender/bid proposals.
Evaluation of the bids completed and an award recommendation made to the parent ministry and relevant authorities.
Ministerial review and decision provided.
Prepare the Agreement for Sale/Lease.