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Healthcare Permit

Ensure your specific Healthcare Permit is approved and valid.

How to apply for Healthcare

Determine your eligibility


As a Healthcare entity, in order to benefit from the Productive Inputs Relief (PIR) scheme, you must first register with the regulating Ministry, MOHW, for status as a bona fide ‘Healthcare Facility’. Only a business that has been approved by MOHW may benefit under the PIR scheme.

Prior to submitting your request for “Healthcare Facility” Status from the regulating Ministry (MOHW) for the healthcare sector, you must first ensure that you complete the following steps:

  • Prepared architectural/construction plans for your new healthcare facility
  • Submitted your plans/drawings to be approved by the Public Health Department of the relevant Municipal Corporation (MC)
  • Submitted your plans/drawings to be approved and stamped by the Jamaica Fire Brigade

Required Documentation

Application Requirements

The taxpayer (owner/operator) of the healthcare facility shall write a letter requesting Duty waiver for medical device/equipment to be imported, addressed to Director Standards and Regulation Division, Ministry of Health & Wellness, 45-47 Barbados Avenue, Kingston.

The following information shall be included in the letter:

  • Applicant’s Name, address and contact number
  • The business name, business address and business contact number
  • Brief description of services offered
  • The name of the equipment to be imported

Supporting Documentation:

  • Applicant’s Name, address and contact number
  • The business name, business address and business contact number

Fees Payment


Pay the relevant Processing Fees…

Processing fees associated with submitting your request to access “Healthcare Facility Status” are determined by the number of patients the facility has been designed to accommodate.

  • Less than 25 patients: fee is JMD$5000
  • 25 or more patients: fee is JMD$10000

Processing Time:

Healthcare Facility Status Approvals - maximum of twenty (20) working days from submission of your request.

Submit your Application

You can choose your preferred submission method, either through the online portal or by presenting your filled form in one of MOAF's.

Once your application form and any relevant supporting information/documents have been completed, signed, stamped and certified where required; submit your application using the portal (or visiting the MOAF offices), along with your relevant fee payment.

Online submission

You will be able to submit your application entirely online by using the new JBG portal.


You will be guided through the process


Get updates on your progress in real-time


Simplifies the collaboration with the MOAF

The address and contact information for the Ministry is indicated below:

The Ministry of Health and Wellness
Standards and Regulations Division

10-16 Grenada Way
Kingston 5
Jamaica, W.I.

Phone 1 (876) 633-7433/633-8172
Monday-Thursday 8:30 am -5:00pm
Friday 8:30 am -4:00pm

Additional steps required for approval...

Once your request has been submitted, there are a few additional steps that the regulating Ministry (MOHW) and the Incentives Unit of Jamaica Customs Agency (JCA) will need to undertake as a part of their own due diligence process. This includes the following:

Review of the request by MOHW

carried out on the healthcare entity’s submission including all supporting documents.

Formal report prepared/submitted to MOHW’s Registration Committee

for further consideration and recommendation.

Registration Committee’s recommendation sent to Chief Medical Officer (CMO)

committee meets quarterly for final consideration.

Formal referral/ recommendation from Regulating Ministry

MOHW: is forwarded to the following agencies for their records:

  • Incentives Unit of Jamaica Customs Agency (JCA)

  • Legal Support Division of Tax Administration Jamaica (TAJ).

Healthcare Entity is advised

MOH will advise the entity of the final determination regarding their healthcare status.

Entity’s information processed on ASYCUDA

once the final determination is made, if approved JCA enters your information into the Automated System for Customs Data (ASYCUDA) platform.

Collect your approved document(s)…
Once the review and assessment process has been completed and if your documents are in order, the MOHW will notify you that your Healthcare Facility Status has been approved.
At the end of the process you would have received the following:

Your Healthcare Facility Status Certificate of Registration (to be publicly displayed).

Access to incentive benefits related to the healthcare sector.