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Agriculture PIR Incentive

Secure a Permit in order to access and derive Productive
Input Relief (PIR) Duty Free Concessions

How to apply tabs for Agriculture

Permit Categories

Farmers/Producers can benefit from the following incentives: Productive Input Relief (PIR):
Duty-free importation of certain industry-related items, used by farmers/producers as inputs in the production of goods.

What category/categories of the Production of Primary Products are you applying for?

Determine your eligibility

You must be first to be registered and approved as a “Registered (with RADA)” farmer/producer in order to benefit from the varying levels of relief available to you in respect of i) customs duties and additional stamp duties for production inputs and equipment (including parts); and ii) corporate income tax.
The JCA, in processing your imports, will verify that your “Status” approval has been granted by the regulating Ministry.

Select the appropriate option below

Required Documentation

Application Requirements

In order to ensure your application is processed expeditiously please verify that all the information is completed accurately, and the supporting documents/information are submitted along with your request.


For Farmer/Producer Status (New Company):

Application Form to be completed. “Approved Farming Enterprise Application Form”

Supporting Documents to be prepared and submitted.

Tax Compliance Certificate

A copy of your valid should be submitted. How to get your TCC?...Find out more.

Pay the relevant Processing Fees…

There is no fee associated with submitting your request to access “Farmer/Producer Status”.


Processing Time

Status Approval - maximum of twenty (20) working days.

Submit your Application

You can choose your preferred submission method, either through the online portal or by presenting your filled form in one of MOAF offices.

Once your application form and any relevant supporting information/documents have been completed, signed, stamped and certified where required; submit your application using the portal (or visiting the MOAF offices), along with your relevant fee payment.

Submission Requirements

Once your form and all supporting information/documents have been completed, signed, stamped and certified where required, you may visit and submit your request through the RADA Office in your parish. All requests should be addressed to the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry.

The address and contact information for the Ministry is indicated below:

The Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries Agriculture Service Unit

Hope Gardens
Kingston 6
Jamaica, W.I.

Phone (876) 927-1731-50 / (876) 619-1731
Fax 876-927-1904
Monday-Thrusday 8:30 am -5:00pm
Friday 8:30 am -4:00pm

Additional steps required for approval

Once your request has been submitted, there are a few additional steps that the regulating Ministry (MOAF), RADA, the TAJ, MOFPS and the Incentives Unit of Jamaica Customs Agency (JCA) will need to undertake as a part of their own due diligence process. This includes the following:

Review of submission by RADA

carried out on the farmer/producer’s written request and any supporting documents.

RADA verification assessment

to ensure that it is an authentic operation and that the farmer/producer is involved in a prescribed agricultural activity.
Verification site visit conducted: appointment made with farmer/producer to visit their farm operations.

Formal report sent to Regulating Ministry - MOAF

reviewed by Ministry for further processing.

Referral from the MOAF

submitted to JCA’s Incentives Unit indicating the applicant’s approval along with the applicants’ dossier and supporting documents.

JCA verification assessment

upon receipt of MOAF’s recommendation, the JCA undertakes its own verification assessment including a site visit
Verification site visit conducted: appointment made with farmer to visit their facility.

Final determination made by JCA

the final determination regarding the designation of farmer/producer status to a company is made by the Commissioner of Customs.

Farmer notified

JCA will advise the farmer of the final determination regarding their status.

  • Once the review and assessment process has been completed and if your documents and site visit are in order, the JCA will notify you that your Farmer/Producer Status has been approved.
  • At the end of the process you would have received the following:
    • Written Notification of your Framer/Producer Status
    • Access to incentive benefits related to the agriculture sector

To learn more about this process please send an email to the JCA's Incentives Unit at