Acquire SCJ Holdings Land

The Sugar Company of Jamaica Holdings Limited is a wholly owned Government of Jamaica land management company that operates specifically to support job creation.

Acquire SCJ Holdings Land overview

Understand more about the process…

The Sugar Company of Jamaica Holdings (SCJH) Limited has the responsibility for the management of over 55,000 hectares of land located in several sugar-dependent communities in six (6) parishes. It has identified a number of sites for various forms of investment developments/projects including housing, solar farming, aquaculture, transshipment ports, and commercial developments. For more information on these new and ongoing projects please check out the SCJH's Project Listing.


Typically, SCJH land/assets can be acquired in one of the two (2) ways below:

  1. By Advertised Public Tender: SCJH will advertise the development/project with a Request for Proposal (RFP) in the print media and on its website. Investors are free to participate in the tender process.
  2. By Unsolicited Expressions of Interest (EOI): Investors should register their​ ​​​​​​interest in writing (letter or email) addressed to the SCJH’s Chief Executive Officer.

If you wish to submit an unsolicited application/EOI to the SCJH for a property that
has not been advertised, you should first ensure that you have a project plan or
concept document prepared from which to extract the information you will need to
include as a part of your application.

Prepare your written Expression of Interest (EOI) and provide any Supporting Information/Documents…

If you are responding to an advertised RFP, the bidding/tender documents will clearly indicate all the supporting information/documents that must be submitted with your proposal.


If you are submitting an unsolicited EOI, you should ensure that the following
information is included along with your request:

  • the intended use;
  • the particulars of the party(s) making the request; and
  • a purchase offer for the land.

Submit your completed Application…

Once your EOI/Application or RFP/Bid submission is completed, you will need to submit them. All applications should be addressed to “The Chief Executive Officer”.

  • Your Bid/Tenders should be submitted by hand at the specific date and time in accordance with the RFP Documents.
  • Your EOI can either be submitted in person (via letter) by visiting the FCJ’s offices or you can register your interest electronically (via email).

All applications should be submitted to the following address:
The Sugar Company of Jamaica Holdings
Lot 12 Innswood
Old Harbour Road
P. O. Box 874
Spanish Town, St. Catherine
Mon – Friday: 8:30 am – 5:00 pm
Tel: (876) 618-5890/618-5863/943-4457/943-4517
Email: sugarscja@gmail.com

What happens once I have made my submission?…
Once your application is received, the SCJH will take the following steps:

  • Assess your EOI/Application.
  • Commission a valuation to be done by the Urban Development Corporation (UDC).
  • Advertise and conduct a competitive bidding/tender exercise for the property.
  • You will be required to submit a proposal in keeping with the advertisement.
  • Make an award recommendation and negotiate the offer.
  • Submit a final offer for Ministerial and/or Cabinet consideration.
  • Prepare the Agreement for Sale/Lease.

Pay the relevant Processing Fees…


There is no fee associated with submitting your initial unsolicited EOI to purchase SCJH lands.


Processing Time:

  • Lease Agreement - 20 weeks

Collect your Approved Document(s)…


Once the SCJH is satisfied that everything is in order, then an Agreement is issued for your signature. You will need to visit the SCJH to collect your copy of the final executed Agreement, which is now legally binding on all parties.


At the end of the process you will receive the following:

  • Your executed Lease Agreement