Get a Quarry Licence

The local Mining and Quarrying sector is mainly driven by bauxite and alumina, which generate the most revenue for the sector. 

Get a Quarry Licence overview

Understand more about the process…

Under the Quarries Control (Amendment) Act, 2015, any individual/company wishing to operate a Quarry must first apply through the Commissioner of Mines for a Quarry Licence.  Therefore, no quarry material can be extracted from any area without a license granted by the Minister with responsibility for mining.

A “Quarry” is any place (not being a mine as defined in the Mining Act) where material or quarry mineral has been removed or is being removed, whether by excavation or otherwise, to supply material for construction purposes, other than dimension stones for the construction industry.  Quarry materials include sand, construction aggregate, limestone for construction purposes which includes marl (chalky limestone used for fill).  For more information about Mines – see “obtain a mining lease”.

Complete the relevant form(s) and provide any supporting information/documents…

To apply for a Quarry Licence, you should visit the Mines and Geology Division (MGD), to collect the application form or one may be requested via email at commissioner@mgd.gov.jm. Forms are also available on the MGD's website for download, printing and completion.  See below for our step-by-step guide and the requirements.

Application Requirements:
Your application for a quarry licence will need to be completed the form submitted along with the relevant supporting documents. In order to ensure your submission is processed expeditiously and within the relevant timeframe, please verify that all the information is completed fully, and the following supporting documents/information are submitted along with the completed application form:  

  • Proof of Ownership/Legal Access to the land on which quarrying is to take place - land title in the name of the applicant or stamped lease agreement between the owner of the land and the applicant  granting authority to the applicant to use  the property for quarrying.
  • Tax Compliance Certificate - How to get a TCC.
  • Location Map - drawn to 1:12,500 scale (6 copies)
  • Survey Diagram - drawn to at least 1:6,000 scale, showing exact area to be quarried. (6 copies)
  • Company’s Certificate of Incorporation – see, register a business.
  • Company’s/Individual’s Taxpayer Registration Number- How to obtain a TRN.
  • Two (2) Character References - (for Individual only).

For Licence Renewals:

For renewal applications, only documents that are no longer valid or have expired need to be prepared for submission to accompany the application.   

-    Renewal Fee - non-refundable to be paid prior to submitting your application.
-    Quarry Tax Production Returns plus Quarry Tax - for the period(s) outstanding (Renewal applications only).

For more information on the application requirements and process, contact the MGD at “Contact Us”

Submit your completed application…

Submission Requirements:
Once your application form and any relevant supporting information/documents have been completed, signed, stamped and certified where required; you will need to visit MGD to submit your application(s) for a Quarry Licence and pay the prescribed application fee. 

On receipt of the application the Mining Registrar first checks to ensure that all documents are in order and then directs the applicant to the Cashier to make the payment. After collecting the receipt, return to the Mining Registrar for documentation/updating of the file. The application fee is non-refundable. 

The address and contact information for the MGD is indicated below:
Mines and Geology Division 
Hope Gardens
Kingston 6
Jamaica, West Indies
Tel:  1 (876) 927-1936/40
Fax: 1 (876) 977-1204
Email: commissioner@mgd.gov.jm 
Monday – Thursday: 8:30 am – 4:00 pm 
Friday: 8:30 am – 3:00 pm

Pay the relevant processing fees…

You will need to visit the offices of the MGD to pay the non-refundable application fee prior to submitting your application for a Quarry Licence.  Having collected a receipt, they should return the application to the Registrar for lodging.

Application Fees: 

Quarry Licence:     JMD$25,000
Renewal of Quarry Licence:     JMD$25,000

Click here for other fees related to Mining and Quarries.  
Please note:  Fees are subject to updates. 

Processing Time:

  • The estimated time between submission of the application package and granting of a quarry licence by the Minister with responsibility for mining is approximately four (4) months.

Additional steps required for approval…

Site Inspection and request for feedback from the relevant agencies 
After the application has been received, a site inspection is scheduled with the applicant by an Inspector of Mines (MGD).  

A sign should be in place by the time of this visit stating: 

“It is my intention to operate a quarry at this site. Any objections must be submitted to the Commissioner of Mines, Mines and Geology Division, Hope Gardens, Kingston 6.”

Evidence of this sign can also be submitted in Step 4.

After the site visit, letters are sent to several government agencies requesting their inspection of the proposed quarry site and for their comments and recommendations on its development. If an Environmental Permit is required this would be indicated during this phase, and the applicant would be directed to obtain this document from the National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA) to continue processing the application. The list of agencies from which comments and recommendations are sought include:

  • National Works Agency (NWA)
  • National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA)
  • Municipal Corporations (for the Parish in which the quarry is located)
  • Water Resources Authority (WRA)
  • Agriculture Land Management Division of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries 
  • Environmental Health Unit of the Ministry of Health (MOH)
  • Any other relevant agency/organisation (as deemed necessary)

Submission of additional documents 
In order to expedite processing, timely submission of additional documents to the MGD is important. These documents are not required the initiate the process but are necessary in preparation for submission to the Quarries Advisory Committee (QAC).  These documents are:

  • Test Results Certificate – (fitness for purpose of material to be quarried)
  • Resource Evaluation Report - (required for Sand and Gravel only)
  • Quarry Tax Production Returns (Renewal applications; only if outstanding).
  • Outstanding Quarry Tax payments (Renewal applications; only if outstanding).

Review of application by the Quarries Advisory Committee (QAC)
A final report is collated by the MGD which includes the recommendations of the agencies. 
The report is then submitted at the Quarry Advisory Committee (QAC) for deliberation. The QAC is an advisory committee appointed by the Minister with responsibility for Mining. This Committee can make the following recommendations to the Minister that:

  • An application be deferred pending the provision of additional information;
  • A licence be refused; or
  • A licence be granted with conditions.

For applicants granted a quarry licence, this licence is approved for a specific time period and over a clearly defined geographical area. In cases where the application is rejected, an appeal can be made to the Minister.

Submission of additional documents/payments in preparation for the receipt of the Quarry Licence
For licences recommended for approval, the following documents must be submitted in order for the Quarry Licence to be issued:

  • Restoration Bond - to be maintained on deposit with the Commissioner.
  • Quarry Plan 

The applicant will be notified in writing 

  • That the application has been recommended
  • The requirements for the quarry plan
  • The amount to be paid for the restoration bond

To learn more about the guidelines and this process…please send an email to the MGD.

Collect your approved document(s)…

Once the review and assessment process has been completed and if your documents and agency site inspections are in order, the applicant will be contacted via telephone when the licence is ready for collection from the MGD.

At the end of the process you would have received the following:

  • Your Quarry Licence