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Why Register an Investment

As the central point through all investments are routed and accessed by the key Government Business Partners (GBPs) involved in the   investment facilitation process, our Investment Registration Platform gives you the advantage of a personalised preliminary review process by the Jamaica Promotions Corporation (JAMPRO).

This platform will:

  • Allow JAMPRO to guide your investment process from beginning through to the end
  • Promote transparency and government cohesion in the assessment of your project
  • Help to eliminate costly delays and hiccups during implementation by creating awareness and access to information early in the process
  • Provide GBPs with a fuller and more comprehensive perspective of the many varying project elements, allowing them to better advise JAMPRO on the quickest and most streamlined path to success!

Key Services

Key Services

Allows easy access to business information

Provides guidance on government requirements

Offers personalised support for registered investments

Secure SEZ Status

Reap the maximum benefits from Jamaica’s Special Economic Zones (SEZ) regime. Follow this link to discover if you qualify and to learn how to get your SEZ business up and running!

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Register a Business

Get started with registering your business today! Check out our easy step-by-step guide to understand all the requirements. Registration is just a click away with the COJ’s easy online registration platform.

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Obtain work permit

Save valuable time and effort by accessing all the necessary information in our one-stop guide to obtaining work permits. Apply today for a work permit following these simple steps!

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Secure an Entry VISA

Avoid unnecessary delays and pitfalls! Ensure you have all the necessary immigration documents required for travel to and doing business in Jamaica! Read our informative one-stop guide to securing an Entry Visa!

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