Get Tax Compliance Certificate

A Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC) is necessary to ensure that an individual or an organisation is tax compliant.

Get Tax Compliance Certificate overview

Understand if and why you need a TCC…

  • Why do you need a TCC? Your Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC) is a document issued to you as an individual or to your company, as proof that payments of your tax liabilities and wage-related statutory deductions are up-to-date.
  • Who needs a TCC? The following Individuals/Companies need a TCC:
    • Applicants for a Customs Brokers License
    • Applicants for a Quarry License
    • Applicants for a Betting Gaming and Lotteries License
    • Applicants for Citizenship
    • Applicants for a Work Permit
    • Applicants for Security Firm Registration
    • Applicants for Licences and Permits in a Regulated Industry (managed by an 'Authority' of the Government, such as the Cannabis Licensing Authority, or the Jamaica Special Economic Zone Authority)
    • Contractors with Government (or bidding for government contracts)
    • All importers who need to submit an import entry to clear goods through Customs.

For more information about getting a TCC, click on the step-by-step business guideline below.

Complete the relevant form(s) and provide any supporting information/documents…

Application Requirements:

In lieu of clearance letters above you may provide:

  • Original Tax Receipts (and copies) for January onwards of the current year, for payment of the following (as applicable):
  • P.A.Y.E. (Income Tax, Education Tax)
  • Company/Individual Income Tax
  • Education Tax (Self-employed individuals)
  • General Consumption Tax (GCT)
  • Special Consumption Tax (SCT)
  • HEART/NTA Contributions
  • National Housing Trust (NHT) contributions
  • National Insurance Scheme (NIS) contributions
  • Certified copies of all arrangements to pay. This includes any special arrangements made with the NHT, HEART, NIS and/or TAJ to pay outstanding amounts owed.

First Time Applicants – May also if they wish, visit the TAJ on-line: In order to access the TCC’s on-line application process, you will be required to complete two main steps to access the e-Services portal:

  • Visit TAJ’s Enterprise Portal ( and create a new username and password. This can be done by clicking the “Client Login” banner or “Login” link followed by clicking the “Create Account” link.
  • Register for e-Services by downloading and completing the Application for e-Services Account Form or applying for an e-Services Account online.
  • Once registered, you can proceed to “Initiate Application On-Line” and apply for your TCC.
  • You will also need to upload the supporting documents above.
  • Once completed you will still need to visit the TAJ with the physical supporting documents and for your interview.

For more information about this business process, visit the TAJ at

Submit your completed application…

Submission Requirements:

Once all your forms and supporting information/documents have been completed, signed and certified where required, as a first-time applicant, you will need to visit the TAJ to secure an appointment with the Compliance Section for an interview and to submit your completed application form and relevant supporting documents.

Taxpayers may submit their applications/documents at any of the following location:

Taxpayer Registration Centre
Tax Administration Jamaica (TAJ)

Shop 26-27, Kingston Mall
8-10 Ocean Boulevard
Jamaica W.I.
Tel: 1 (876) 902-9463
Toll Free: (888) TAX-HELP (local)
Toll Free: (888) GO-JATAX (USA)
Fax: 1 (876) 902-9494
Monday - Wednesday: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
Thursday - Friday: 8:00 am - 3:00 pm

Or additionally at any of these Tax Offices
Constant Spring Revenue Service Centre; St. Ann's Bay; Mandeville; May Pen Revenue Service Centre; Spanish Town Revenue Service Centre; Montego Bay Revenue Service Centre; King Street; Savanna-La-Mar.

For the locations, opening hours or to call the Tax Office nearest to you, locate the TAJ.

Pay the relevant processing fees…

There are no fees associated with securing your TCC.

Processing Time:

  • Your TCC - processed the same day.

Collect your approved document(s)…

Once submitted your documents are then examined to ensure that they are fully and accurately completed and to verify the information provided. If the documents are in order, then a TCC is issued.

At the end of the process you will receive the following:

  • Your Tax Compliance Certificate